Frequently Asked Questions About Gwynedd Meeting 

  • Are visitors welcome to your worship and events?   Can anyone come and worship with you?

    Yes, we are delighted to welcome visitors to worship, Quaker education (Sunday school), and all events.
  • When is childcare available?

    Childcare is now available for young children (4th grade and younger) every Sunday for those parents who would like to attend Meeting for Worship in person.

  • What do you wear to Meeting for Worship?
        Casual clothing is commonly worn. Some people dress up for occasions such as memorials and weddings.

  • Who is included in the Gwynedd Meeting Community?

    We are a community of about 150 active members of diverse ages, ethnicities and walks of life and from many different  spiritual backgrounds. We offer silent Meeting for Worship every Sunday from 9:30 to 10:30 am. Sunday classes for adults are from 11:00 am to noon, every week, except the third Sunday of the month.
    Our community also includes a Preschool and Kindergarten held during the week from September through May.
  • Do you have Sunday School for children?

    Yes! We call our Sunday School program “Youth Quaker Education." Times vary, Sundays from early September through May for children of all ages.
  • How do you worship? 

    We worship in silence, waiting, listening for God’s guidance, aspiring to connect with the Inner Light, which for many of us centers in the divine Christ. Sometimes a worshipper is moved to stand and speak an impromptu message that he/she feels is divinely inspired, returning afterward to reflection and seeking.  Because this connection with the divine is a personal experience, we do not have an intermediary in the form of a minister to guide us. We don’t have a paid clergy; those functions are carried out by the Care & Counsel and Worship & Ministry committees.  (Other committees handle various aspects of stewardship, property, religious education, etc. The Clerk of the Meetings is the administrative facilitator and he/she presides over the monthly Business Meetings, which are held in the spirit of a Meeting for Worship. Decisions are made through seeking a sense of unity among us, not by voting).
  • Is there diversity among you?

    Yes. We are Seekers of God’s truth and each of us is on a spiritual journey. This means that there are different levels of emphasis on the role of Jesus Christ and the Bible among us.   For further information, please go to Quaker Beliefs
  • Where is Gwynedd Meeting?

    We are located on the corner of Sumneytown Pike and Rt. 202 in North Wales, Pa. 19454, not far from Rt. 309, the Northeast Extension of the PA turnpike or the PA turnpike, itself. We are 25 miles north of Philadelphia. (See Contacts/Directions)
  • Who do I contact if I want to visit and get more information about Gwynedd Meeting?

    Our phone number is 215-699-3055. We do not have full-time office staff but your calls will be returned. The Meeting’s email address is: For other contacts, refer the Contacts/Directions page. 
Arthur D'Adamo, 12/24/2020