Wales Youth Exchange 

Note: this program is on pause due to Covid-19

The simple exchange of people, between two lands, results in much more experience, joy and growth than could ever be planned, anticipated or even dreamed.  What each participant takes from the experience unfolds over time in very personal ways.

 About the Exchange

Every three years, Gwynedd Friends Meeting hosts Middle/High School age Quakers youth from Meetings in North Wales (Wales) and Chester (England) This is part of a 25+ year partnership with these overseas meetings. This project is a wonderful way to make connections between young people in our meeting and young friends from several meetings in Great Britain and Wales.
The goal of the ongoing exchange between young people from Gwynedd Friends Meeting and young Friends from several meetings in Great Britain and Wales is twofold. The first goal is to foster a sense of Quaker community among young Friends.  Secondly, exchange participants will come away from the experience with a solid understanding of the historical significance of the visit. This would include the founding of Quakerism the establishment of strong Welsh and English Quaker settlements here in Pennsylvania, and the ongoing spiritual commitment of Quakers in communities today.

The first year is the time for planning and fundraising in preparation for our visitors from Friends Meetings in Great Britain. The second year, UK Friends become friends during their summer visit to the US with bonding time, visits to New York City, Philadelphia, and Washington DC. Quaker themes include visits to the Quaker UN, Arch Street Meetinghouse, and Friends Committee on National Legislation headquarters. The third and final year of the exchange is when the young people of Gwynedd Friends travel to England and Wales to visit and learn about the start of Quakerism during their 2 week stay.

It is important for the young people from Gwynedd who will be involved in the exchange to continue to build a sense of community by working together on fundraising and planning. Please watch for upcoming announcements for fundraisers and events. Contact Diane Pilch or 215-802-8349 

Arthur D'Adamo, 12/20/2020