Care and Counsel Committee

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2021b CarolShearon
        Carol Shearon

RonInskeep N - COPY
        Ron Inskeep

2021 Julie Ann La Pointe - COP
        Julie-Ann LaPointe

2021 Nancy Heers - COPY 
        Nancy Heers

LindaGist N - COPY 
        Linda Gist

MartyWilcockson N - COPY 
        Marty Wilcockson

PeggyMcPhaden N - COPY 
        Peggy McPhaden

LoisPan N - COPY        
        Lois Pan

Sue Bakshi
        Sue Bakshi

Carole Rose
        Carole Rose

        Betsy Lowe
Care and Counsel (C&C) Committee
  • Provides pastoral care, nurture, and counsel to the members and attenders of Gwynedd Friends Meeting.
  • Facilitates the creation of committees of support and clearness 
  • Handles arrangements for membership and marriage.  

Do you have a specific need for immediate or ongoing support or clearness?  
  • Has illness, injury, surgery, or a death in the family given you a need for support?
  • Are you going through a difficult or stressful period in your life? 
  • Are you at a crossroads and need help discerning the right path? 
Contact any member of Care & Counsel.  We will form a Support or Clearness Committee of 3 to 4 people to assist you with specific needs, or to help you gain clarity by listening, encouraging, & asking questions, as you make a decision.
For further information: 
Clearness Committees for Personal Discernment.pdf (.docx)

Are you interested in becoming a member of the Religious Society of Friends? 
Membership commits the Friends Meeting to provide a spiritual home for its members and support them on their spiritual journey. Members commit to engaging as fully as possible in the life of the meeting.  To begin the process:
  • Attend the Sunday morning meeting for worship regularly
  • Attend the monthly meeting for business (3rd Sunday of the month, following worship) and become acquainted with the business process
  • Explore Faith and Practice, a book published by Philadelphia Yearly Meeting and available from members of Care & Counsel
  • Then write a letter requesting membership, demonstrating an understanding and appreciation of Quaker faith & practices.  This letter is sent to the Clerk of the meeting, who refers it to Care & Counsel so that a Clearness for Membership Committee can be formed.
For further information: 
Preparation for Clearness for Meeting Membership.pdf (.docx)

Financial Aid - Care & Counsel administers budgeted funds held by Gwynedd Fiduciary Corp. (GFC) to assist members and attenders.  Complete the Request for Educational Aid form (with other documents as necessary) and submit to the clerk of Care & Counsel.
  • GFC Sharpless Fund - Provides scholarship assistance (usually up to 50%) to attend conferences, seminars, and other short-term events.
  • GFC Tuition Assistance Fund - Provides scholarship assistance (historically $600) to children of Gwynedd Friends members to attend Quaker schools
  • GFC Osmun Care & Counsel Special Fund - provides for special pastoral care needs of meeting members

  • Couples intending marriage under the care of the Meeting write to the Clerk of the Meeting at least six months prior to their desired wedding date requesting that oversight.
  • The Clerk refers the request to the Care and Counsel committee who forms a subcommittee to meet with the couple as they seek clearness about their marriage.
  • If the way is clear for the marriage to proceed, a marriage oversight committee is appointed to help plan the wedding. This committee will continue to care for the marriage in the years to come.    

Present Clerk: Carol Shearon