Nominating Committee


The charge from the Meeting is for this committee to make nominations to the Monthly Meeting for Business for persons to serve as members and clerks of standing committees, Meeting officers and other official appointments.

The committee considers all nominations carefully in light of the duties outlined. It endeavors to learn the interests of all resident members and attenders and tries to nominate them to committees where they can be of most service and best use their individual gifts. This committee is open to members and attenders.

We meet throughout the year as determined by necessary tasks (see Plan of Organization). 

1. We nominate Friends in May to begin service in June for a 3 year term to the standing committees.

2. We nominate Friends in September to begin service in October for a 1 year term to serve as officers of the Meeting.   

3. We nominate Friends in November to begin service in January to a variety of positions for different durations. 

We have guidelines from the Meeting for nominations that we follow:

1. Service on any committee should be limited to three consecutive terms or nine years, after which time friends are expected to consider other opportunities where their gifts could be used in another capacity

2. Recommendations to membership on Care and Counsel should be limited to Meeting members.

3. We consult with current clerks of committees for their needs regarding membership and ask if there are any community members that they would like us to take into discernment for their committee.

Getting to know the members and attenders more deeply is a joyful and enriching aspect of this committee’s work. Our approach to discernment of skills and gifts and matching them with the needs of the Meeting fosters the deepening of our own spiritual journeys.


Arthur D'Adamo, 7/4/2020