The Stewardship Committee has oversight of the financial planning and management of the Meeting as a whole. This includes, but is not limited to, preparation and supervision of the Annual Budget, raising funds to meet the needs of the Meeting, and reviewing capital and long-range needs and plans. 

Supporting The Work Of Gwynedd Monthly Meeting


Much goes on at Gwynedd Meeting, all of which takes careful and dedicated management and financial planning. Gwynedd is very fortunate in having a diverse and creative membership, actively engaged in addressing spiritual and social concerns. One group called “The Gathering Garden” challenges the depths of our spiritual souls. Our children, along with children from the UK, explore the lives and values of Welsh Quaker ancestors. The Peace Camp promotes harmony in the children it serves. Regularly scheduled coffeehouses, ad hoc discussion groups, a vegetable garden and our pre-school all broaden our offerings. Not to mention that Meeting for Worship regularly attracts a very large number of worshipers. The resulting ministry buoys us all.

We are very fortunate to have inherited a lovely campus and beautifully simple meetinghouse to accommodate what we do at Gwynedd. These need care and maintenance. The Stewardship Committee ensures that these facilities will be used for the greatest good by current members and attenders, and will also be preserved for future generations. Our property has been carefully passed down from generation to generation for over 300 years. Our inheritance is a blessing, entrusted to us for doing God’s work, including caring for one another, learning and living our faith, and being witnesses in the world. "All that we have, in our selves and our possessions, are gifts from God, entrusted to us for our responsible use. Jesus reminds us that we must not lay up earthly treasures for ourselves, for where our treasures are, there will our hearts be also". With God’s help and with yours, we will continue to be good stewards of all that has been given to us. Gwynedd Meeting means many things to many people. It is about God’s love for each of us. It is about worship, community, fellowship and friendship, and helping those in need. It is about being good neighbors in our community and the world. It is about giving our children strong religious training. Certainly it is not primarily about money, but our financial gifts and generosity are what makes the rest possible. Stewardship begins with a recognition that God is a generous giver and that we are called upon to be grateful, responsive and responsible people.”

Make a donation to Gwynedd Monthly Meeting

Because of the Meeting’s ongoing expenses we have found it is beneficial if you can make your contribution on a regular basis.

If you wish to do so by using Automatic Direct Deposit, please fill in the Automatic Direct Deposit Form. Send the form to:
Gwynedd Monthly Meeting
1101 DeKalb Pike
North Wales PA 19454

Contributions also can be made by check to Gwynedd Monthly Meeting and mailed to: Treasurer, Gwynedd Monthly Meeting, 1101 DeKalb Pike, North Wales, PA 19454

Request reimbursement from Gwynedd Monthly Meeting

Once you have completed the appropriate approval process, submit requests for reimbursement from Gwynedd Monthly Meeting by downloading and completing the Check Request Form.

Arthur D'Adamo, 12/22/2020