Refugee Support Subcommittee 


C2A dedicated group who believes that the 89.3 million children, women, and men who are refugees worldwide are our brothers and sisters.   As part of our family, we must remember them and assist them in their effort to find a home that affords dignity and hope.

Started in 2016, as a response to the Syrian crisis, they have raised over $92,000 for the UNHCR Cash Assistance Program. Our Christmas 2021 fundraised resulted in an additional $5,765, that was contributed to HIAS PA for their work to resettle and support children, women, & men from Afghanistan who are refugees and evacuees in the Delaware Valley. 

   Please check out their website - https://hiaspa.org 

I Am  
Photo by student of the Photography School in the Diavata Refugee Camp, Greece. 

"It's our world, our tiny world, and it deserves to be witnessed, because it's all we've got." - Photographer in the Davita Refugee Camp

Contact Carol Shearon if you would like to be a part of this life-giving work. moyer.shearon@gmail.com

To support this work, write your check to Gwynedd Meeting with “Refugee Support” on the memo line.  Put it in the lock box by the meetinghouse office or mail to:    Gwynedd Meeting. 1101 DeKalb Pike. Gwynedd PA  19454   

Arthur D'Adamo, 12/17/2020